Nearby Attractions

Best Western Resort Kuta invites you to discover a plethora of things to do surrounding the hotel by visiting the popular yet enchanting destinations. Start planning a getaway and enjoy Kuta that you dreamed of. 

  • Waterbom

    Known as Bali’s premier waterpark, Waterbom is nestled in South Kuta offering a wide choices of slides, including easy-going pools with mini slides to large scale adrenaline-pumping rides starting from significant heights. Let your sense be engaged by experiencing the excitement of a full wet day out to play the numerous rides, waterslides, and playful games. 

  • Kuta Beach

    Ideally located on the western side of the island, the beach is considered as Bali’s most famous beach destination. Providing unique charm, Kuta always continues attracting visitors and surfers to come. Enjoy the sunshine and clear skies on the beach and ensure not to miss the breathtaking sunset in Kuta Beach.